Kitesurfing Tenerife

Kitesurfing and kiteboarding or kiting is a sport, the basis of which is movement under the action of a traction force developed by a kite held and controlled by an athlete.

Let’s be real about teaching kitesurfing Tenerife in El Médano. It’s a challenge, but it’s doable! The breaking waves, the small training area, the traffic, and the sometimes strong winds make it tough to start learning. After going through such a school, you’ll become more hardened to harsh conditions.

El Medano is one of Europe’s challenging kitesurfing destinations due to the combination of strong winds and surf.
kitesurfing tenerife

Kitesurfing Tenerife!

Our experienced instructors will help you overcome any difficulties and become a true kitesurfing master. Send a request right now and start your unforgettable journey into the world of extreme sports!
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We welcome the mood and positive mood, and on our part experience and excellent equipment for training and practice.

Training can be completed as a course or individual hours based on the forecast and your preferences.

The place determines the teaching methodology, so we start with theory, exercises on the shore and then move on to exercises on the water. On average, as a result, at the sixth hour of class, students try or stand on the boards, and then – kitesurfing!

We also offer training for those who already ride in advanced areas: sharp walking into the wind, jumping, waveriding.


Instructors and equipment

Our instructors have the experience and knowledge to teach both beginners and experienced surfers. Adapted equipment is available for training and rental, including kites, boards and safety equipment.

Safety and practice

Instructors emphasise safety by teaching students the rules and techniques of safe kitesurfing. Training sessions are held both on land and in the water, allowing students to practice kite control and board manoeuvring skills.


Instruction is always adapted to the level of each student, taking into account their skills and goals, ensuring effective and personalised learning.

Training is structured in stages, starting with the basics and gradually progressing to more advanced skills and exercises, allowing students to gain or improve their level of kitesurfing.

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Prices – Kitesurfing Tenerife

Lessons are by appointment only!

Individual lesson

60€ /hour

Individual lesson - two people

80€ /hour

Individual lesson - freestyle / freeride

60€ /hour

Individual lesson - Waveriding

60€ /hour
Storage room - 25€ /week
Kite rental / set - 60€ /day
Kiteboard rental - 15€ /day
Kitesurfboard rental - 15€ /day

Kite surf Tenerife – El Medano spot

Our school and station is located in El Medano on the second line (La Gaviota street 21 – 3), directly above the kite beach. Also at your disposal is a storage room for things and equipment, a changing room, fresh water, desalination for boards and kites, a chill-out with WI-FI and, of course, a panoramic view of the spot.

We will help with recommendations on choosing equipment when buying on the spot, we will tell you about the peculiarities of the forecast for Tenerife and the nuances of local spots. Please contact us for advice and any questions.