Surfskate lessons

Immerse yourself in the world of surfskate and realise your potential on the waves of Tenerife! Surfskate is not just a fun activity, it’s a whole set of skills that will help you become a true surfing master.

Surfskate practice improves movement and manoeuvring technique, which carries over to surfing skills, making them more confident and controlled.

Our instructors are professionals, ready to share their experience and knowledge with you. We will create comfortable training conditions, friendly and supportive atmosphere for you, so that every training session becomes a real adventure for you.

Surfskate tenerife

Surfskate Tenerife

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Practising surfskate requires good balance and coordination, which are key skills for successful surfing.Learning how to control a surfboard properly develops control and manoeuvring skills, which also come in handy in surfing.

Strength and endurance

Developing strength and endurance in surfskate plays a key role in improving your surfing.

Maintaining balance on the board for long periods of time, performing manoeuvres improve fitness and endurance levels. By gradually increasing the intensity of training, the student develops endurance, which is not only good for surfskate, but also for your future progress in surfing.

Surfskate Tenerife – prices

Equipment is included in the price

Individual lesson

50€ /lesson

Group lesson

35€ /per person